Making An AS3 Game in Box2D Flash – version 2.1a – Part 2. Ball Cannon Game

Box2d Tutorial Game Screenshot

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Work has been keeping extra busy as I get ready to launch a website for a certain famous boy wizard. But I have not forgotten the box2D tutorial. In fact, over the weekend, I finally finished off the demo game I will be releasing. I’m just making a few extra passes to strip out things that are messy and confusing. But here to whet your apetite, is a preview of the Box2d, version 2.1a Game: Ball Cannon.
It’s pretty fun, and you can use the Flash IDE as a level editor.
Click through to the full post to play. The game is 800×600 so its going to play havoc with my blog layout. But I’m sure you can deal. Go play some ball cannon!

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10 Responses to Making An AS3 Game in Box2D Flash – version 2.1a – Part 2. Ball Cannon Game

  1. Jason says:

    You are rad. Keep up the great work.

  2. Pitbull says:

    just finished part 1 of your box2d tutorial it’s a good intro.

    Can’t wait for part 2! What is the release date ?

  3. Noam says:

    Hi Zach,

    This tutorial is EXACTLY the one one I was looking for!

    But 1 problem, I don’t see the link to the tutorial nor the source file! (tried with different browsers)

    Is it a problem on my side or the tutorial doesn’t exist yet?

    Thanks :)


  4. Apologies Noam. I need to set a fire under myself on this one. As you can see the game is put together. But writing the tutorial is taking Waaay longer than i expected. But I’ll chip away at it today. Promise.

  5. Noam says:

    and don’t get anything on fire! we need u man! :)

  6. Monta says:

    Hi man,
    I really like your tutorials :)

    Are you going to publish the source file for this game any time soon?

    I’m really looking forward it!


  7. Yes. Yes i am really going to post it. I have it all set up on github and everything. I swear its the hardest blog post I ever had to make. There is just so much to cover. So many classes. Each one could be a post in itself. Do you think I should just put it up there with minimal documentation and see what people ask for? I don’t want it to be useless. But its hard to guess what the right level of complexity and explanation is necessary. What do you think?

  8. Rick Englert says:

    I think yes, please! Please post the source, and you can add the tutorials later as they’re ready. Thanks so much for offering your expertise. No rush, but my son (age 9) has designed a math game for his 3rd grade math and science fair on April 28th. He’s figured out all the game play (essentially Angry Birds with math problems) and it would be AWESOME to have the beginnings of an actual game for him to show. Your sample game fits his gameplay model exactly – it’s actually unbelievable how close it is. I’m really looking forward to the tutorials as well, but just the source in the short term would be very helpful as well. Thanks!!

  9. coldstar says:

    It’s a good game! I love it! thanks!

  10. L-Boogie says:

    This is some cray cray, I give it up you’re the man. I have multiple patents in flash and I thought I was tight as hell. You’re stuff is pretty humbling. I give it up please post more tutes and junk!

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