Format an Integer Number with Commas

Turn 1000 into 1,000.

Here’s a little snippet I needed to write to format an integer with commas. You’ll use it all the time in high scores. It’s a standalone utility function. Save it in a file named “”.
Note: this function does not format decimal and float numbers. Just positive integers.
The reason it won’t work with those is the modulus operator “%” is essentially counting backwards from the end of the number-as-a-string to know where to insert a comma.

package util 
	 * formats an integer with commas
	 * Example: input 1000000, output 1,000,000
	 * @author PlasticSturgeon
	public function formatNumber(value:int):String 
		var vt:String = _votes.toString();
		var count:int = (vt.length - 1) % 3;
		var formatted:String = "";
		for (var i:int = 0; i < vt.length; i++) 
			formatted += vt.substr(i, 1);
			if ((i - count) % 3 == 0 && (i+1) != vt.length) {
				formatted += ",";
		return formatted;


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