Adobe Introduces “Premium” API’s because they deserve to get paid for your work.

Today adobe announced another big fuck you to flash developers by introducing “premium” apis. Apparently greed is first on the wishlist at adobe. So next year should we expect photoshop premium, in which we are charged by the pixel? Aftereffects “Premium” render – pay a fee or render at 1/2 the speed?

Things just go from bad to worse at that place.

Read the full story at Inside social games

Update: Adobe responds.

Lee Brimlew summarizes why Adobe changing their long standing policy of not having premium features for flash needs to be cast aside and replaced with a royalty model is here:

But even with a better explanation, I still have some problems with this change. First: It would appear to me that adobe is moving away from the model of making great tools, and earning their money off of their creations. Instead they are moving to a model of becoming a toll gate that makes money off of the effort of the companies and individuals who use their tools. This is a big idealogical shift, and not one I am comfortable with, either.

My second objection is to the value proposition of earning 9% of a developer’s income for the use of high-speed memory. Does this seem like a fair cost/benefit to you? I’m not a big fan od developer tool gates to begin with, and royalties either. But I will admit there are many cases I am glad to share my profits because I am using a service or toolset that really does add value. But Adobe has done little to convince me that locking up this feature behind a toll-gate is a fair value to the creator of the income generating application or game.

Let us not fool ourselves at all into thinking this move is anything other than adobe and Unity and Unreal Engine deciding to not compete.

The end result is that Adobe is continuing to make Flash a less desirable platform to develop for. And that is a shame. Adobe should feel ashamed. My advice to them? Don’t cut deals with your competitors – Unity, Unreal engine – and instead get back to your core value proposition: Make better tools than anybody else, so that we use yours instead.

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